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Trusted Company still helping people with compassion and love after 40 years, and over 50,000+ customers. Customer Reviews

Bas Relief Cast Bronze Plaque | 3d Plaques

3D Bas Relief Plaque

3D Bas Relief Plaque Image Raised Gold Letters, Molded Single Line Ivy Leaf Border, Custom Contour Top Leatherette Background. The Cast 3d Bas-Relief Portrait is Hand-Finished And Permanently Bonded to the Background.

3D Plaque Bas Relief Bronze Plaque is the Largest and Oldest Bronze 3D Plaque Company On the Internet For Over 20 Years Our stunning bas-relief bronze plaques are custom-made plaques are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a beautifully sculpted image that captures the essence of your subject. Whether you want to honor a loved one, commemorate a historic event, or add a touch of elegance to your home or business, our bas-relief bronze plaques are the perfect choice. Our skilled artisans work with you every step of the way to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you'll treasure for years to come. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our bas-relief bronze plaques and start creating your own stunning piece of art!

3d bas relief plaques

3D Bas Relief Plaque

3d Bas Relief Plaque with Satin Gold Letters Single Line Border with Leatherette finished background.

Fastest Delivery | 10 DAY Service | FREE SHIPPING
Guaranteed Lowest Price | Lasts Outdoor 100 Years

Custom Bronze Plaques Outdoor Near Me

bronze plaque with color photo, doctor bronze plaque, bronze memorial, cast bronze plaque

Color Photo Bronze Plaque

Bronze Plaque with Color Photo Raised gold letters | single line border.

Lasts Outside 100 Years!
Don't OverPay | Buy Direct Personal Service
Guaranteed Lowest Prices!

color photo bronze plaque, bronze logo, bronze memorial, cast bronze plaque

Color Photo Bronze Plaque

18” X 24” Bronze Plaque with Color Photo and logo raised gold letters and single line border

Personalized Custom Bronze Outdoor Plaque Near Me Last 100 Years 100% Money Back Guarantee

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, man of bronze plaque, cast bronze plaques

Frequently Asked Questions by Mark - Sales Expert

Can I see the art before I order?
Yes, we will do art for your approval same day.

How long does it take?
15 working days after art approval is standard we offer a 5 day and 10 day rush service.

Where are you located?
Our executive office is in
Port Saint Lucie Fl. (no snow) Our foundries are in PA.,IL.,MN.,AR., GA. We ship all over the world and shipping is FREE.

Can you do this size?
Yes we can make any size you wish from 2”x2” to 120”x120” as 1 piece.

How do I attached the plaque?
This link will show all the options Installation Options.

How long will the plaque last outside?
We guarantee all our plaque to last outside 100 years.

If your question was not answered, email or call Jim now! He is waiting to answer all your questions.

Have more questions? Call Mark 772-924-0083 or Email Mark!

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, military seals

Mark McGrane
Mark has driven our internet businesses to a national and international customer base.

We can create a Custom Plaque that is completely tailored to your specific needs and preferences

With no additional cost, whether you need a specific size, shape, border, or color, we've got you covered. Plus, our free shipping means that you won't have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. And the best part? All of the words you want included in your plaque are already included in the price - our cost is based solely on the size of the plaque, not the number of letters. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all solution - let us help you create a custom plaque that truly stands out! CALL 772-924-0083 FOR AN INSTANT PRICE QUOTE


Compare the difference between Bronze Memorials Inc. and the other bronze plaque companies and you will see a big difference right away!
We have over 50,000 Satisfied Customers with more than 43 years in business. Art work in 1 hour or less, FREE! Our goal is to help you design a beautiful plaque, and WE DON'T MISS DEADLINES, at the very best lowest price, with the fastest deliver in the U.S.A. Bronze Memorials is the best company to make your plaque. It’s Simple, Easy & Fast! Bronze and Aluminum Plaques have a lifetime 100 year guarantee. Our outstanding customer service, quality, and price is the real difference. We save you time and money with our personal, customer service, lowest price and fastest shipping in the USA. 5 Day Rush Service Available FREE ground shipping on orders over $1000. To all United States addresses including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerta Rico all military addresses around the world. We do not charge extra to ship to our military. We have a 100% money back guarantee. Easy to locate phone numbers 772-924-0083 WE ANSWER OUR PHONE - for 24 hour personal customer service from Us to you! Lowest prices guaranteed, we will beat your best price quote by 10%. We don’t miss deadlines Instant Prices available to you.
Our Gallery with over 1000 Custom Plaques is testiment to our customer satisfaction, browse our site for your design ideas! We have been in business over 43 years and we are one of 1st bronze plaque companies to sell cast bronze plaques on the internet and have been doing so since 2005. We can make any size, shape, color plaque you desire and have been making Custom Bronze Plaques for more than 50,000 customers. We are a local company, just like being next door, order from your desk, deliver to your desk in as little as 5 Days. Bronze Memorials Inc. We are proud too say, 80% of our employees are woman. Order today, get next week. Simple!



14 working days is standard production on bronze plaques, full color bronze plaques, photo plaques, 5 working days for rush service * FREE artwork, FREE shipping on orders OVER $1000, No company ships faster, FREE fast pricing Get a FREE price quote Don’t miss your deadline? Plaque Presentation boards available with next day service, don't miss your deadline! Bronze Memorials will provide a full size bronze color presentation board matching your plaque design, and have the board delivered to you overnight express shipping, to meet your deadlines. Never miss a deadline again! Service is what we sell first! No charge for Custom Shape or Flat Relief Custom Borders! You can trust us


You can trust us, Offices in Florida & Boston. Read what our customers are saying.

Payments available, credit card check, ACH, Mail, E-check, Paypal, Stripe

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Mark McGrane

National Sales Manager
3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, bronze plaques media person

Mark is our Sales Expert and problem solver.

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque,

James Savage

Sales Assistant
3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, James Bronze Sale

Jim is an expert in Plaques, Sales and Customer Service.

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque,

Tricia Sullivan

Managing Director
3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, bronze plaques media person

Tricia is our Developer and Marketing expert.

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque,


3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, bronze plaque team
3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque,

Lowest Prices | Don't Over Pay | Buy Direct | Fast 5 Day Service! Unlimited Art Layouts in about one hour!


We are here to assist you with any questions you may have. From our team of dedicated professionals we sincerely look forward to serving you soon. Bronze Memorials offers every type of Bronze Plaque imaginable including Memorial Plaques, Dedication Plaques, Painted Plaques, 3D Plaques, Color Photo Plaques and many many many more! We can design a plaque perfect for you.

Pressed for time? Ask about our Presentation Boards, deliverable same day or next business day.


It looks like the real thing and is a perfect solution for ceremonies when you need it Now! Do not let the memory of your loved one get lost in the sands of time. Our compassionate and caring staff will create a custom plaque that will honor the life of your loved one for as long as Bronze will last. Although we cannot take away your loss, we can personally make sure that you get the best plaque at the best price. No order is complete until you approve the artwork and you say "it's PERFECT!"


3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, military plaques, military seals, military emblems

Fallen Hero
Military Statue

#500936 Fallen Soldier Statue, M-4 rifle, Helmet and Boots. Height: 38” including the 16-1/2” x 18-1/2” base.

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, bronze soldier statue statue

Bronze Vietnam Soldier Statue

Bronze Vietnam Soldier Statue

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, military seals, emblem military emblems

Fallen Hero
Military Statue

#500192 Fallen Soldier Statue M-16 rifle, helmet and boots. Height: 44-7/8” including the 16” x 18” base.

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, military seals, emblem military emblems

Custom Bronze Service Dog Statue

This Life-size Service Dog Statue memorializes the K9 Soldier's Vigilance and heroism.

cast bronze firefighter statue, cast bronze statue

Bronze Firefighter Statue

Kneeling Firefighter Statue
7" Table Top Kneeling Firefighter Statue.

cast bronze firefighter stute firefighter bronze helmet

Firefighter Helmet

Cast Bronze Firefighter Helmet

bas relief plaque, firefighter bronze statue, bronze firefighter statue

48" Kneeling Fireman Statue

Bronze Statue - Kneeling Firefighter
48 inches tall | Solid Bronze.

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, gorham american eagle bronze, bronze eagle

Bronze Eagle

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, gorham american eagle bronze, bronze eagle

Bronze Eagle

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, gorham american eagle bronze, bronze eagle

Bronze Eagle

3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, bronze statue, bronze eagle statue

Bronze Eagle


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3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, 3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, 3d plaque, 3d plaques, bas relief plaque, youtube icon

Bronze Memorials has over 42 years experience in business making us one of the oldest and largest bronze plaque companies in the United States.
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Trusted by: The FBI | Homeland Security | The State Department | The US Department of Defense | Police Departments, US Embassies along with hundreds of other local government agencies.

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